What does it cost?

The short answer: "Not as much as you might think ... and not much more than if you tried to do it all yourself."

Our parent company, Wepecket Island Records, Inc., has long-term arrangements with engineers, studios, musicians and graphic artists that enable us to offer you very competitive pricing.

Our studio rate, including an engineer and a producer, is about what you would pay for the time alone at a studio of similar quality and reputation. A simple three-tune demo can cost as little as $900 from concept to complete execution in mp3 format. Your own web site can cost as little as $15 a month after a modest set-up cost.

It will cost you nothing to sit down with us so we can discuss your project, guide you to good decision-making tactics, and arrive at an estimate. Even if you don't go on to do your project with us you will have gained some insight and perspective, and we will have gotten to know another musician a little better. Not a bad thing all around.

We have the knowledge and experience to give you an accurate quote and then bring your project in within that projection. Why not give us a shout and we can set up a time for your free initial consultation?

Call anytime at 508-292-5632, or e-mail us at info@penikese.com. We'd love to talk music with you!