Booking and Promotion Services

No matter how good your music is, you still need to get it in front of an audience for it to be appreciated ... and for you to make any money from it. We offer personalized services, from promotional material and web page design and implementation, to venue data base management, to tour direction

Booking yourself is a full-time job in itself, even if you don't find it awkward. We can approach a venue from a more objective position and do the sort of "cheerleading" that might be distasteful if done by yourself.

Our services are inexpensive and effective. And, as with all things Penikese, you're welcome to a free one-hour consultation.

Available services include:
  • Venue data base development
  • Web design, hosting, and maintenance
  • Radio airplay, marketing, touring strategy development, and other promotion direction
  • Graphics consulting and design
  • Videography
  • Tour management and logistics support

E-mail us, or give us a call at 508-292-5632 to set up your free consultation.